Thursday, September 15, 2011

Laughing My Ass Off

While Im writing this post Im actually watching "Diva Popular" on Ria.
This movie had cause me to nonstop laughing out loud.
Their punch lines are really simple but I feel damn funny.
Dang! Creativeness!

This movie was released on 2006.
How come I didnt acknowledge its existence before?
Afdlin Shauki and Sheila Rusly are the most funniest ever!
HAHAHAHA! Damn it!

And while Im laughing, Vincent stood in front of me,
dancing with his most awkward smile and showing me his muscles!
He has been doing that everyday but I usually dun give attention.
But today because Im having this extremely happy and funny mood,
I laugh nonstop for 2minutes! 

Im so happy today, thanks so much Dear Lord!

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