Friday, September 16, 2011

Sleepless Night

Its officially 24hrs without sleep now.
The tendency of me staying awake is getting higher every night.
I love to stay awake at night because I want to meditate.
I love to stare upon the stars and make wishes.

Cliche! Haha

Never before I feel this free and happy.
I used to worry about unnecessary nonsense things.
Being paranoid made me a high temper person.
The more I worry the more upset I get into.

I never wanna talk to my dad because I was worry
that every conversation will lead to misunderstanding.
I never wanna listen to my brothers because I thought
that I am the one who always right.

I am so happy now for I am already changed for the better.
Thank you Dear Father for the guidance and patience.
Thy loving kindness of many a blasting hour,
had really thought me how to be thankful on the very dark hour.

I thank thee Dear Father.

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