Thursday, November 17, 2011

Head banging me

I certainly feel like my head will literally fall off
my body any moment from now.
I am both tired and sleepy but my head
just refuse to respond to my need.

I had been reading since 8 hours ago and
now my head really need rest.
Yeah I know, I should be sleeping now but my 
stubborn stupid crazy side
stopped me from doing so.

Im going off to KayKay later on 7am,
I can imagine how slow Im gonna walk later to uni.


Sorry Mr.Mowbrey Im gonna late to your
Business Communication class :P

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big surprise!

My new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab

I should be writing about it a month ago :p
Anyway here I am~

Somewhere on October my mom asked me this,
"What would u love to have, a new hp, a new camera, or a galaxy tab?"
I was focusing on my lappy and I said
"I just dont need a new hp, and a camera, I can borrow u,
perhaps I would love a galaxy tab"

And I continued my work. Without asking why she asked.
A day later I went to her office and do some typing for her.
She came to me and gave me a box
that wrapped with a lovely wrapping paper,
saying, congratulation.

She said the most unexpected words I ever expect to be spoken by her,
"This is what you said you want"
And I was like tearing and hugging her at the same time.
And that was the longest hug I ever have with my mom.