Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Its few days before my final season of my uni-life.
I wonder how would it be.
I used to sit there and give the lecturer the
yes-I-read-that-chapter-already attention look.

I never really opened my books and study carefully for the exam.
All I do is finished all the assignments,
completed all the test and midterm.
And lastly, meet and talk to each of the lecturers
at least before the final carry mark is given.

Dad is at KK attending his 20days induction.
Mum is at her office struggling with all the stress and responsibility.
My lil brotha just went off to school.
Another one is here sitting on the couch watching
my favourite Oprah Winfrey Show

I wonder what will I do later.
If it is not raining I wanna do the badminton match I owe my brotha badly.
If its not I will be here, perhaps bluffing some-more.
Im freaking bored but I knew it that once I get back to uni,
massive busyness and massive headache.  


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